Advertising Tips To Grow Your Business
Digital marketing
 has become a necessity in our day business operations, with a variety of ever changing tools, methods, techniques, online marketing and advertising trends have become trend setters in leading business development plus growth in this millennium, maintaining a brand identity in ever essential, ensuring that your business has Google plus, Facebook and Twitter pages, to continually engage, with your audience and potential customers.

Use Mobile Friendly Ads
According to Google’s Inside AdWords blog, mobile may drive 43 percent of all traffic to retail stores, also over 55.7 percent of smartphone owners will shop through their phones.

Create Facebook ad designs that are mobile friendly, that lead to mobile-friendly pages, and that you’ve enabled ads to be served on mobile devices. To do this, go to “Edit Placements” on Facebook Ads Manager and choose “Mobile” from the options.

Offer Discounts – Attractive Promotions, Advertising

Offer Discounts – Attractive Promotions
A successful ad includes a clear value proposition, or the benefits of the item you’re advertising and the ad you’re serving. This value proposition may be a solution to your customers’ problems or a discounted offer–something that makes conversion worthwhile to your customers.

Try offering discounted items, buy-one-get-one deals, or free deliveries to attract customers to your products. Offer deals in strong, clear, and concise language, matched with the correct website landing page, present deals to your customers on Facebook, and Google use Offer ads.

Build a Track Record
A study conducted found that 30 percent of respondents made a purchase because of an ad’s amount of engagement on social media, and 33 percent said they would make a purchase based on whether a friend had “Liked” a product.

Offer Discounts – Attractive Promotions, Advertising

Generate Local-Awareness Ads
“To ensure that you do not miss the opportunity of driving customers to your business, create local-awareness ads, to let them know of your location, services and products that you offer

With local-awareness ads, you can target people near your business locations, making it easy for customers to find you using proximity-based store maps and proximity-based call-to-actions, such as “Call now” or “Get directions.”

Use Post-Holiday Advertising
Take advantage of this by keeping your customers engaged even after the holidays have passed. To do this, alter the end date of your advertising campaigns to extend beyond the big holiday dates, or launch a second Facebook, Google or Twitter Ads post-holiday campaign with different language aimed at luring deal-seeking shoppers into making a post-holiday purchase.